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  • sometimes file support both (32bit 64bit )
  • The password for Zip file is:  123

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In 2024, Photoshop Express for Android maintains its status as a leading mobile photo editing application, providing users with a convenient and powerful toolset to enhance their images directly from their smartphones or tablets. The app’s interface remains intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that users can effortlessly navigate through its various features and tools, regardless of their level of expertise.

With a comprehensive suite of editing tools at their disposal, users can perform a wide range of adjustments to their photos, from basic tasks like cropping and rotating to more advanced techniques such as exposure correction and color grading. These tools are designed to empower users to unleash their creativity and achieve their desired results with ease.

Photoshop Express offers an extensive selection of filters and effects, allowing users to add unique styles and moods to their photos with just a few taps. Whether users prefer vintage-inspired filters or modern artistic effects, the app provides plenty of options to suit their preferences and enhance the visual appeal of their images.

For users seeking quick and effortless edits, Photoshop Express offers one-tap enhancement options that automatically adjust various aspects of the photo to improve its overall appearance. These instant edits are perfect for users who want to enhance their photos quickly without delving into manual adjustments.

Additionally, the app includes a collage maker feature, enabling users to create stunning collages by combining multiple photos with customizable layouts, backgrounds, and borders. This feature allows users to showcase their creativity and tell stories through visual storytelling.

Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud ensures seamless access to users’ Creative Cloud accounts, allowing for easy syncing of edited photos across devices and access to additional features and assets available in the Creative Cloud ecosystem. Furthermore, built-in social sharing functionality enables users to share their edited photos directly to popular social media platforms or save them to their device’s gallery for later use.

Overall, Photoshop Express for Android in 2024 continues to be a go-to choice for mobile photographers looking to enhance and beautify their images on the go. With its intuitive interface, robust editing tools, and seamless integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud, the app remains a versatile and indispensable tool for users seeking to elevate their mobile photography experience.

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  • Premium features unlocked
  • No Adobe ID Account Required
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services
  • Analytics / Crashlytics is disabled
  • One-touch Filters or Looks: Get additional filters for fun, fresh looks
  • Noise Reduction: Minimize unwanted grain and speckling in the night and low-light photos
  • Defog: Reduce fog and haze in photos
  • Perspective Correction – Fix the skewed perspective photos with just a click! Choose from auto (balanced or full auto), vertical, or horizontal correction options.

System Requirements

File Name    Photoshop Express Photo Editor v12.4.277
Created By   Adobe
Google Play
Version     12.1.243
Release Date      January 7, 2024
Languages     English
Total Downloads  141247
Requirements    Android 7.1+
Uploaded By  Otho Rempel

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