Agisoft Metashape Professional 2

Metashape Photogrammetric processing of digital images v


  • sometimes file support both (32bit 64bit )
  • The password for Zip file is:  123

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Unlock the power of photogrammetry with Agisoft Metashape Professional (formerly Agisoft PhotoScan Professional) for your Windows PC. Revolutionize your digital imaging workflow with this intuitive software, designed to effortlessly transform your images into rich, detailed 3D spatial data.

Experience the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design as you delve into the world of photogrammetric processing. With Agisoft Metashape Professional, you can effortlessly generate dense point clouds, lifelike textured polygonal models, georeferenced true orthomosaics, and precise DSMs/DTMs from your collection of still images.

What sets Agisoft Metashape Professional apart is its unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Powered by the latest advancements from Agisoft, this software ensures lightning-fast processing speeds, often completing tasks within just a few hours. Yet, speed doesn’t compromise precision, as Metashape Professional delivers astonishingly accurate results, boasting up to 3cm for aerial photography and an impressive 1mm for close-range photography.

Imagine the possibilities when you can process thousands of photos with ease. Agisoft Metashape Professional empowers you to tackle projects of any scale, from small-scale surveys to large-scale mapping initiatives. And the best part? All processing is done locally, safeguarding your sensitive data and giving you peace of mind.

Whether you’re in the field of surveying, architecture, archaeology, or any other discipline that relies on accurate spatial data, Agisoft Metashape Professional is your ultimate solution. Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming workflows and embrace a streamlined approach to photogrammetric processing.

Download Agisoft Metashape Professional today and unlock the full potential of your digital imaging endeavors. Harness the power of photogrammetry like never before and elevate your projects to new heights of precision and detail. With Agisoft Metashape Professional, the possibilities are limitless, and the results are extraordinary.

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  • Photogrammetric triangulation
  • Dense point cloud: editing and classification
  • Digital elevation model: DSM/DTM export
  • Georeferenced ortho-mosaic export
  • Measurements: distances, areas, volumes
  • Ground control points: high-accuracy surveying
  • Python scripts: customize processing workflow
  • Multispectral imagery processing
  • 3D model: generation and texturing
  • 4D modeling for dynamic scenes
  • Panorama stitching
  • Network processing
  • RGB / NIR / thermal/multispectral imagery processing
  • Fast reconstruction based on preferable channel
  • Multi-channel orthomosaic export for further NDVI calculation and analysis

System Requirements

  • CPU: Quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU, Socket LGA 1150 or 1155 (Kaby Lake, Skylake, Broadwell, Haswell, Ivy Bridge, or Sandy Bridge)
  • Motherboard: Any LGA 1150 or 1155 model with 4 DDR3 slots and at least 1 PCI Express x16 slot
  • RAM: DDR3-1600, 4 x 4 GB (16 GB total) or 4 x 8 GB (32 GB total)
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 or GeForce GTX 1080 (optional)

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Turbo Studio is Easy-to-use tool for creating virtual environments v24.4.11

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